Jump in and take on a game of escape and exploration! 4 different rooms that follow unique storylines, solve the clues you'll have 60 minutes to escape!

Weekday bookings available!



Vincent Lockwood is missing and we believe another attack is imminent. You've been called in to gather evidence, find the Reaper's secret lair, and uncover the mystery before more innocent people are hurt. The problem is, can you trust the clues you find, or has the Green Reaper already gotten to Lockwood?


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Your comic book superheroes have disappeared and the Heroes In Training program is urgently seeking brave, intelligent, charismatic applicants to fill their boots. Your mission? Find the Villain, stop his reign of terror, and make sure your first H.I.T. Mission, isn't your last.

*When you book this room, you'll be asked which difficulty level you'd like. Level 3 is for beginners or those who want a fun and easy adventure, Level 5 is not too easy and not too hard.


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The great American empire has fallen into chaos and the country's infrastructure has collapsed. You and your ragtag band of survivors have been fighting relentlessly to restore order. An enemy bunker has been discovered amongst the apocalyptic remains of the city. It may hold the promise of a better future for you.


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Are you looking to add a special attraction to your upcoming event? We offer an adventure your guests won't soon forget. Our traveling mobile escape rooms will come to your event! They are perfect for fundraisers, parties, graduations, and other special events. We set up a unique and memorable escape room on site.


Contact us at (320) 316-0297 for details.






A magical and frightful room, not for the faint of heart. If the evil wizard, Molgovo, succeeds in creating an immortality elixir, your life will be used to balance the scale.

Breakfree from the cell, find your friends and escape the wizard before your souls are bound to the elixir forever.


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Covid-19 Update

Update as of 10/14/2021:


We are able to come together again and see your SMILES!  We continue to encourage non-vaccinated patrons to wear a mask while at Riddler's Escape.  Our game masters have your safety in mind with social distancing, Cleaning between groups, and ALL ROOMS ARE PRIVATE!  Are you ready to Escape? See you soon!

Happy gaming,

Riddlers Escape


Customers are required to be in good health to participate. Any exposure to Covid-19 within two weeks prior to entering the escape room will be asked to reschedule. Game masters may deny an adventurer entry if they appear to be ill (they will have the option to rebook when healthy).