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2-10 players.  Best with 4-6.

Escape Rate: 75% (4+ players)

two player bookings only available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our longest running and most popular room overall.  Recommended for your first time at Riddlers and team building.


Vincent Lockwood is missing and we believe another attack is imminent. You've been called in to gather evidence, find the Reaper's secret lair, and uncover the mystery before more innocent people are hurt. The problem is, can you trust the clues you find, or has the Green Reaper already gotten to Lockwood?

$28.99 person

riddle escape_edited.jpg

Dead Man's Chest

3-8 Players

Escape Rate: unknown

Duration: 90 minutes

Our biggest adventure yet will be more physical.  At least one player will be required to crawl at times and may be separated from the rest of the party.


Your Grandpa has been obsessed with lost pirate treasure since he was a kid.  Now on the verge of finding the legendary cursed treasure of No-Eyed-Ned, he needs your help!

Epic 90 minute adventure now open!

$39.99 person



4-10 Players.  Best with 6-8.

Escape Rate: 60%

Liberty Falls is set in an abandoned alleyway full of large non linear puzzles that are great for team building and communication.


The great American empire has fallen into chaos and the country's infrastructure has collapsed. You and your ragtag band of survivors have been fighting relentlessly to restore order. An enemy bunker has been discovered amongst the apocalyptic remains of the city. It may hold the promise of a better future for you.

$28.99 person



Special traveling escape rooms come to your location and set up a one of a kind escape experience using our props. 


Great for After Prom parties, Work parties, senior shut ins, wedding receptions.

Mad Scientist:
The Scientist has created a time machine that works!!!  Kind of.... He has successfully transported his feline assistant back in time, but... The portal it opened send off a temporal flux wave that disabled the machine and confused the scientist... Your team of up to 8 have 15 minutes to re-calibrate the time machine to save the assistant!!

Call for more details





4-10 Players. Best with 5-7

Escape Rate: 50%

Spellbound is our creepiest and darkest escape experience.  You may want to save this for last!


A magical and frightful room, not for the faint of heart. If the evil wizard, Molgovo, succeeds in creating an immortality elixir, your life will be used to balance the scale.

Breakfree from the cell, find your friends and escape the wizard before your souls are bound to the elixir forever.

$28.99 person

Complete the Liability Waiver

Once your adventure is booked, every person over the age of 18 must complete a liability waiver.

Each person over 18 must complete a Liability Waiver:

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