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Customer Reviews

Rated #1 in Saint Cloud and Central Minnesota, it's not hard to see why Riddler's Escape Rooms is the newest, most fun experience people are talking about. Check out these reviews, then come to Riddler's Escape Rooms to see for yourself. You'll love escaping with us.

Jenny J

"One of the highlights of my summer for sure! None of us had ever been to an escape room and most of us had never heard of them until now. It was fun and challenging. I can't believe how quickly the hour passed. I can honestly say, I'm hooked and waiting to make my reservation to the other room now!!"


"Fun, exciting, urgent, and challenging. Great for birthdays, company parties, or a night out. Really, really fun!Lots of laughs."

Scott H

"Riddler's is the best thing to come to St. Cloud since the moving pictures. So much fun. Very unique.Can't wait to go again!!!!"

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